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Superior foundation waterproofing ensures structural integrity.

When you need waterproofing in Lexington, you need us! Our team at Lexington Foundation Repair Experts has been keeping basements dry for decades using the industry's best materials, tools, and methods. We take your foundation's integrity very seriously because when it is compromised, so is the rest of your house. Our foundation repair company specializes in various foundation waterproofing services like French drain and sump pump installation, crawl space encapsulation, and complete basement leak repair. You can always count on us for great prices and a job well done. We'd like to get you in our appointment book for a FREE consultation. Let's get in touch today!

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Expert Basement Waterproofing for Your Lexington Home

When a basement's foundation becomes cracked and susceptible to leaks, a host of problems can creep in...literally! Moisture in your basement can cause mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow on your basement walls and floors. These organisms not only smell foul, but they affect the indoor quality of your air and can lead to health problems such as asthma and allergies. Having standing water in your basement can do the same thing and attract unwanted insects and even small animals into your home. Our goal is to repair the cracks in your foundation and then address the moisture using various methods that are appropriate for your situation. Would you like to know more about basement waterproofing in Lexington? Call us today!

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Dependable Lexington Crawl Space Waterproofing

If you have a pier and beam foundation, you have a crawl space beneath your home. Crawl spaces are perfect as a storage option, but they aren't any good if they are flooded. To keep your crawl space functional, it must be kept dry, and we can do this through crawl space waterproofing in Lexington.

The two main methods of crawl space waterproofing are encapsulation and vapor barrier installation. When we encapsulate the space, we use a thick and durable tarp that lines the entire area and seals off the opening, which leaves your crawl space unusable but 100% waterproof.

The vapor barrier method uses the same technique as encapsulation but does not completely seal the area up, so you can still use it for storage. Our technicians would love to go over more of the details with you and decide which waterproofing method is best for your needs.

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French Drain Installation - A Highly Effective Form of Waterproofing in Lexington

If you're looking to waterproof your foundation, we suggest considering French drain installation for your Lexington home. This method involves digging a trench in your yard and burying the drain so that it routes water away from your foundation. Our team is well-versed in this procedure and will not leave your yard "dug up". Once we're finished, you won't be able to tell that we did anything at all other than the proof of your basement foundation being dry and free from standing water. French drain installation in Lexington is perfect during heavy rains, flooding, and melting snow. Our team looks forward to further discuss your options with you. Why don't you call or email us today? 

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Lexington Waterproofing with Reliable Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump installation in Lexington is an excellent solution for ridding your basement of standing water and preventing it from returning. The role of a sump pump is to literally pump out water from your basement to the outdoors. Sometimes, when heavy rains hit, or snow begins to melt in spring, the massive surge of water cannot be absorbed by the soil quickly enough and ends up in your basement.

A high-quality sump pump keeps this from happening. Depending on the severity, our technicians may need to run multiple sump pumps in your basement until we get the situation under control. Larger basements will need multiple sump pumps installed indefinitely. Are you ready for your FREE consultation? Get in touch with us now with your sump pump questions.

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Our Local Lexington Waterproofing Service Areas

Lexington Foundation Repair Experts is excited to announce that we've expanded our local service areas! If you live in or around the Nicholasville, Winchester, Richmond, Georgetown, or Frankfort areas and need epic foundation repair and basement waterproofing, give us a call. We are fully licensed, insured, and offer FREE estimates. Our team looks forward to working with you.

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