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House Leveling in Lexington, KY has Never Been Better

House leveling simply means to lift a building as close as possible to its original resting place using state-of-the-art equipment and tools. Typically, when a house leveling in Lexington is performed, foundation repair also takes place. A DIYer or an inexperienced contractor should never attempt this type of construction work. One false move can lead to the destruction of your entire house and numerous costly repairs.

It's important for a contractor to spot sinking within the foundation and discover the root cause before starting the leveling process. Lexington Foundation Repair Experts guarantee all work performed.

If you aren't happy with our job, we'll continue renovating our work until you are fully satisfied. Are you ready for your FREE estimate? Reach out to our friendly staff now!

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Lexington House Leveling Protects Your Assets in Many Ways

One of the best parts about house leveling in Lexington is that it often reveals foundation problems. Our company will repair these foundation problems before proceeding to the leveling process. It's basically hitting two birds with one stone if you will. Addressing foundation leveling issues is important because you never want your house sinking or settling into the earth. In extreme cases, entire homes have collapsed into sinkholes, leaving homeowners homeless. Here's what our Lexington house leveling services include:

  • Pier and beam replacement and repair
  • Slab foundation repairs
  • Slab jacking, leveling, and stabilization
  • Subfloor repair
  • Foundation repair
  • Bell-bottom pier repair
  • Chain wall leveling
  • Sill, joist, and floor repair

All of these services are available to commercial and residential customers. House leveling is a service that cannot wait because your property's integrity depends on it, and so does your safety? Let's further discuss your options.

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The Longer You Wait the More Your Foundation Settles

The #1 root cause of uneven houses is foundation settling. Foundation erosion, structural damage, volatile soil conditions, under-slab plumbing leaks, poor exterior drainage, and intrusive tree roots are all possible causes for your sagging house. If you notice that your floors are looking a little uneven, the chances that you have a problem with your foundation are almost imminent.

Before our experts begin the house leveling process, our protocol is to uncover issues with the foundation, and once we find them, we will determine how the foundation became compromised. You see, there is so much that goes into house leveling in Lexington, KY. We simply cannot level your foundation and call it a day.

Having an uneven foundation is a gradual effect of a deeper problem. It's important that all issues are addressed so that the leveling will be worth the while. You can count on Lexington Foundation Repair Experts to make it right. Are you ready?

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Do You Need Expert House Leveling in Lexington, Kentucky?

One of the things Lexington Foundation Repair Experts hates to see is a beautiful family home sinking into the ground and experiencing all sorts of external and internal damages. We want you to know that we have the tools, equipment, and experience to make your uneven house right again.

We'll dig our heels into the project and find out what the root cause is so we can effectively address the root problem. From slab jacking to placing house leveling jacks in Lexington, we've got it all covered. Know that we are a fully bonded and insured company and follow all industry and commonwealth rules and regulations.

Our team comes prepared to work and armed with the latest house leveling knowledge. We look forward to offering you a FREE estimate and prices you can afford. Contact us now.


Honest Slab Jacking in Lexington

Is your foundation a little on the uneven side? If so, slab jacking in Lexington might be the answer you're looking for. Our contractors have experience with residential and commercial cement foundations and can address all issues. Sometimes, soil erosion is the culprit that causes concrete slabs to shift, and the solution to the problem is simple slab jacking services.

If you think you need slab jacking, we recommend calling our team for a FREE inspection. Our contractors will pinpoint the damages and get you set up with affordable slab jacking or house leveling. We hope to hear from you soon.

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Prime House Leveling in Lexington & Our Other Quality Foundation Services

Lexington Foundation Repair Experts are the industry's leading contractor team in Kentucky. Our services include house leveling, professional foundation repair, moisture tight waterproofing, crawl space work, and residential and commercial services. Our goal is to go above and beyond the call of duty at every job we take on. After hiring us you'll soon discover how serious we are about your 100% satisfaction. We service areas across Lexington & Kentucky! Get in touch with us today to schedule your FREE consultation!

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