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Water and moisture buildup in the basement is never a good sign. In fact, it is almost always an issue with the concrete foundation. We're the crew to call when you need basement leak repair in Lexington, Kentucky. Our contractors have decades of experience packing up concrete cracks with highly-robust materials like polyurethane foam injectables.

Our goal is to pinpoint the root cause of the leak and create an affordable and effective repair path. We have the tools, equipment, and methods to make basement leaks things of the past. Are you ready to get started today? Great! Please call or email Lexington Foundation Repair Experts to schedule an appointment for a no-strings-attached inspection and quote.

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Why is it Essential to Repair Basement Leaks?

Home foundation repair in Lexington always involves basement maintenance. When a crack occurs, it can spring a leak in the foundation, which leads to swampy basements. Getting rid of the leaks is vital for many reasons:

  • Standing water and moisture lead to bug and rodent infestations
  • Mold loves to grow on wet concrete
  • Moisture degrades building materials, especially wood
  • Homeowner's insurance often requires that basement leaks be fixed ASAP
  • Fixing the leak stops other damages from happening, and that saves you money

Most folks are unaware that leaks in the basement can lead to health problems. In addition, stagnant water leads to mold and mildew, which can cause respiratory distress and allergies. Would you like to learn more about our basement leak repair methods? Please visit the foundation blog page HERE.

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Basement Water Leaks in Lexington are  No Joke! Get Them Repaired ASAP

Having basement water leak repair in Lexington is a service that should take place as soon as you notice a problem. There are so many issues that can be avoided by quickly taking care of a basement leak, especially damage to the foundation. Although water seems innocent enough, it ultimately wreaks havoc on building materials, even concrete slabs.

Our contractors are experienced in all areas of waterproofing and leak repair. When we take on a crack and leak situation, it's going to be remedied, guaranteed. Would you like to see some before and after photos of our work? We encourage you to browse our featured image gallery.

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We've Got Your Basement Leaks Under Control

Lexington Foundation Repair Experts is Kentucky's most reputable foundation repair contractor company. We not only repair our customer's basement leaks, but we follow up with them to ensure the changes we've made are holding up. Our goal is to keep your basement dry and safe. We encourage everyone to have routine foundation inspections because they often stop problems before they happen, like leaks. We're in the business of saving our clients as much money as possible. Did you know you can reach us by filling out our convenient online contact form? We'll get back to you in time flat. It's our pleasure to do business with the local community for basement foundation repair.



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Professional Foundation Repair Services in Lexington, KY

Finding a professional foundation repair company in Lexington is easy when you look to us. Our crew has been in the foundation repair industry for over twenty years. We offer on-the-spot concrete slab and pier & beam services for residential and commercial property owners. You can count on us to inspect and repair basements and crawl spaces. Please call now to set up a consult.

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Lexington Foundation Repair Experts is your one-stop-shop for all things pertaining to the structural integrity of your residential or commercial property! You can count on us for a job well done. Call us at (859) 955-1990
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