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Have you been researching concrete foundation repair in Lexington? It could be because owning a home is a big responsibility in more ways than one, and so is holding the keys to a commercial building. Just as the interior of your property needs to be maintained, so does the exterior and what is beneath the house, specifically the foundation.

If your foundation is cracked or uneven, you probably require concrete repair. Our Lexington team is trained and highly motivated to apply the appropriate fixes to any faulty foundation. We've been in the industry for over twenty years. So you can trust our knowledgeable judgment and attention to detail.

We're a company that believes in fair and affordable prices, which is why we boast the lowest rates in the local service area. So call us now, and we'll set you up with a no-cost or obligation foundation inspection and quote.

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Hiring a Pro for Foundation Repair is the Way to Go!

There are many things that homeowners can accomplish through DIY methods. However, concrete slab repair isn't one of them. So let the experts at our Lexington company handle the dirty work for you! We aren't suggesting you are incompetent, but we're saying there is a lot of safety precautions and skill that goes into concrete repair. Here's why you should consult our professionals:

  • Many Repair Methods - Depending on the type of concrete foundation damages that you're experiencing, the treatments will be different. We offer crack and leak repair, house leveling, and much more.
  • Specialized Tools & Equipment - Most homeowners don't have jackhammers or other heavy-duty machinery at their disposal. Our company has the correct tools and materials to get the job done right the first time!
  • We Work FAST - Time is of the essence when it comes to foundation repair. Our contractors work quickly and efficiently to complete your repairs so that further structural damages won't occur.
  • Prevent Environmental Damage - Repairing concrete slabs requires digging into the soil and can be a real hazard to your landscape. However, with the right equipment and mindset, a great contractor will avoid any damages from occurring to the surrounding lawn and foliage.

There are many benefits to hiring a seasoned contractor to complete foundation repairs at your home or commercial property. We always give 110% to every job that we're hired for, and that's a promise.

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Concrete Foundation Repair - Put it at the Top of Your To-Do List

We understand that at some point, all concrete is bound to crack. It's simply the nature of its structure. In a lot of cases, small hairline cracks are nothing to worry about. However, it takes a trained contractor to perform an in-depth inspection to ensure nothing sinister is going on a bit deeper beneath your home.

Your best option is to have a professional structural engineer take a look at the cracks in your concrete foundation and determine whether repairs are necessary.

The worst-case scenario is that your present foundation damages worsen, and they start to affect other components of your home like windows and doors not operating correctly, sloping floors, bowing walls, and irrigation problems that destroy your landscape. We invite you to visit our blog to learn more about the issues that arise from putting off foundation repairs.

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Offering Affordable Foundation Repair in Lexington, Kentucky

When it comes to concrete foundation repair, there isn't a job too big or too small for our team. We've seen it all! Our contractors have had years of on-the-job training, and they know exactly which tools and materials to use for 100% job success.

You can count on us to always have fair and affordable prices, too. It's our opinion that everyone is able to get foundation repair services without breaking the bank.

We hope you'll trust your foundation needs into our capable hands. Please fill out our convenient online form today and let us know how we can best serve you.



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"The work was completed quickly and professionally. They worked my job into their schedule within days. All the workmen were polite and helpful. Would I do business with them again? Absolutely!"
- Chris S.

Which Lexington Foundation Repair Services are You Needing Today?

At Lexington Foundation Repair Experts, we offer everything home and commercial property owners need to keep their concrete stable and robust. Our company provides full-scale foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space care, and specialized commercial services. Call us soon to get a FREE estimate!

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Lexington Foundation Repair Experts is your one-stop-shop for all things pertaining to the structural integrity of your residential or commercial property! You can count on us for a job well done. Call us at (859) 955-1990
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