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When it comes to professional commercial foundation repair in Lexington, you need a company that is willing to go the extra mile. Too many times the underlying problem that caused the surface damages to manifest goes unchecked.

Sure, the cracks and leaks are fixed for a moment, but after a while, they reappear with a vengeance. Our job as experienced contractors and structural engineers is to pinpoint the root of the problem, fix it, and apply measures so that it never happens again.

Your commercial property's foundation should always be working at peak performance in order to protect your investment and keep your business operations running smoothly and safely.

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commercial foundation repair lexington
commercial foundation repair lexington

Commercial Foundation Repair Comes With Nothing but Benefits

We offer various services like commercial foundation crack repair in Lexington, KY. Whatever your concrete slab or pier & beam foundation needs, you can be sure that our company is the one to overdeliver on results. Take a look at some of the undeniable benefits of commercial foundation repair services:

  • Cures cracks, water damages, and any leveling issues
  • Increases the longevity of the foundation
  • Saves you money on bigger repairs down the road
  • Keeps you, your staff, and customers safe

Would you like to learn more about the different types of commercial foundation repair methods that we have to offer and how they are applied? Then, please take a moment to browse our company blog. It's chock-full of information.

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Got Commercial Foundation Damages? Don't Delay Repairs!

Our team at Lexington Foundation Repair Experts implores you to seek out professional commercial services when you notice something isn't quite right. A small crack in your foundation might be nothing to worry about.

Still, you'll never know unless you have a structural engineer who is licensed and experienced to make an appropriate assessment. We would hate to see your property developer significant structural problems later on down the road.

On the other hand, sometimes a tiny crack is code for a major problem beneath your foundation's surface, such as sinking and shifting soil or irrigation issues.

After a meticulous inspection, our team will be able to let you know what the problem is and the cost to fix it.

excavator repairing commercial foundation lexington
drainage issues affecting foundation lexington

You'll Be Glad You Chose Our Lexington Crew for Your Commercial Foundation Repairs!

We're a company that believes in giving our customers high-quality, fast results. When your commercial foundation is in need of repair, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. We have the right tools, equipment, and materials to fix any concrete or pier & beam foundation damages known to man.

We've also been in the foundation repair industry for well over a decade. Our contractors and structural engineers are licensed, certified, and fully insured for your peace of mind.

Did you know that we will evaluate your foundation completely free of charge and give you an accurate estimate with no obligation to hire us for services? We feel you should have a choice to shop around for the best contractor, so we'll never bind you into a contract when giving you a quote or inspection.

How about we get the ball rolling right now? Please reach out to our team today to set up an appointment.



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"The work was completed quickly and professionally. They worked my job into their schedule within days. All the workmen were polite and helpful. Would I do business with them again? Absolutely!"
- Chris S.

Providing Affordable Foundation Repair Services in Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington Foundation Repair Experts is a genuine provider of concrete slab and pier & beam damage control services. The team of seasoned contractors offers full-scale foundation repair, basement and crawl space waterproofing, and commercial services. Our company is the only choice when you require fast and affordable foundation repair!

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Lexington Foundation Repair Experts is your one-stop-shop for all things pertaining to the structural integrity of your residential or commercial property! You can count on us for a job well done. Call us at (859) 955-1990
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