Foundation Inspection 101: What to Expect in Lexington, KY

June 16, 2021

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Every property owner should schedule a regular foundation inspection in Lexington, KY, for their home or commercial structure. A professional inspection can spot signs of damage deep in foundation concrete, allowing you to make repairs before that damage gets worse!

Scheduling timely foundation repair in Lexington also reduces the risk of secondary damage, such as interior and exterior wall cracks, buckled floors, wood rot, and mold. However, you might be wondering what’s included in a foundation inspection, if you need to be present during that inspection, and how a contractor decides the best repair option for your property. Note a few vital details about foundation inspections so you can discuss your options with a foundation repair company near you.

foundation inspection in lexington

What’s Included in a Foundation Inspection in Lexington KY

First, note that a homebuying foundation inspection isn’t always as complete as an inspection you schedule as a proper owner. An inspector checking a property before a sale will typically note if the foundation supports the home as it should and if it’s compliant with local building codes. He or she might note needed repairs, but usually only if foundation damage makes it non-compliant with local codes.

A foundation inspection you schedule as a homeowner or commercial property owner is typically more encompassing, and your repair contractor will want to note all needed fixes no matter their extent. Consider what a foundation repair contractor will inspect and evaluate around your property.

Interior signs of damage

Inside your home, a repair contractor will usually examine support beams and load-bearing walls, to note if they seem uneven or show signs of weakening and damage. He or she will note if doors and windows fit snugly and if they stick or operate on their own, and check vents for signs of damage or unevenness.

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Your inspection contractor will also check for signs of damage along concrete walls and floors, and for secondary damage such as wood rot, mold, standing water in the basement, wall and ceiling cracks, and uneven surfaces. He or she will also note gaps in room corners, buckled floors, bowing basement walls, and molding or drywall pulling away from the home’s framing.

Exterior signs of damage

A foundation repair contractor will check exposed concrete for signs of cracks, chips, spalling, and other damage, or will inspect a home’s piers and beams for breakage and weakening. He or she will also typically check the property’s drainage and irrigation, to note if water might be pooling around the foundation.  

An inspector will also check exterior walls and the home’s chimney stack for cracks and unevenness. They might also inspect the roof and gutters for cracks, unevenness, and other signs of a home setting or sinking.

How Do You Know What Foundation Repairs a Home Needs?

Your foundation repair contractor will evaluate the information gathered during an inspection; this includes not just damage but the extent of the damage. For instance, minor cracks along foundation walls might only need patching, while bowing basement walls might need carbon fiber straps, to keep them from bowing even further and potentially outright collapsing.

Severe interior and exterior cracks might indicate settling and sinking. A sunken home often needs house leveling and underpinning, to put it back to a level position and keep it secure over the years. Shimming can provide support to damaged piers and beams, while other piers and beams might need replacing outright.

Do You Need to Be Present During a Foundation Inspection in Lexington?

A foundation repair contractor will want to inspect interior surfaces and building materials for signs of foundation damage, as said. In turn, it’s vital that you’re present during this inspection, so they have full access to all areas of the property needing inspection!

Most foundation repair contractors are also happy to answer your questions about potential damage, including how a weak foundation might result in interior leaks, wood rot, cracks, and other such secondary issues. Being present during their inspection then means being able to ask those questions and have them explain the condition of your property’s foundation on the spot! A repair contractor might also be able to offer a quote for those repairs at the same time, so you can schedule them as soon as possible.

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Lexington Foundation Repair Experts is proud to offer this information about foundation inspection in Lexington, KY, and hopefully it helps you to know what to expect during this process. If your property needs a foundation inspection or repairs, turn to our experienced Lexington foundation repair contractors. We have over 20 years of industry experience and ensure quality repairs that last. To find out more, give us a call today!

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